Elite Chiropractic

We are celebrating hitting the "2000 free/subsidised treatments delivered" milestone for Frontline Workers and for those in Financial Distress.


For our Frontline Workers, we offer discounted treatments at 50% off the standard fees.

Frontline Workers are:
- Hospital Employees
- Ambulance Service Employees
- Fire Brigade Service Employees
- Police Service Employees
- Defence Force Personnel

(Please present your service ID card at the Initial Consultation).

For those experiencing COVID-19-related financial distress, we will continue to offer discounted treatment fees. Please book a "Free 15-minute Phone Conversation" so we can discuss your situation. I look forward to speaking with you.

For patients using the EPC program we will continue to offer a No-Gap service.

Initial Consultation

First time consultation with this clinic.
$150.00 per 30 minute(s)

Initial Consult - Frontline workers 50% discount

Special rate for frontline workers.
$75.00 per 30 minute(s)

Standard Consultation

For clients who have previously had an initial consultation.
$80.00 per 15 minute(s)

Standard Consultation - Frontline workers 50% discount

For front line workers - as described by NSW Dept of Health.
$40.00 per 15 minute(s)