Moore Health

We pride ourselves on being on time, every time. To help us maintain this standard please arrive ten minutes before your appointment. Client information forms take a little time and traffic is often busy. Your time is specifically reserved for you, with no overlap of clients. We ask you to understand the importance of our time-based scheduling to allow us to provide you with the best service possible, and that we are required to finish on time.

Initial Physiotherapy Session 60 mins

First time physio session with this clinic.
$220.00 per 60 minute(s)

Follow up physiotherapy session - 45 mins

Followup session after an initial session.
$170.00 per 45 minute(s)

Short Standard Physiotherapy Session - 30 minutes

30 minute standard session after initial session.
$130.00 per 30 minute(s)

20 Minute Physio Session

A short 20 minute physiotherapy session.
$105.00 per 20 minute(s)

Remedial Massage 2 hours

2 hour remedial massage session.
$205.00 per 120 minute(s)