Seven Ways Health Centre

Sevenways Health Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic known and respected in the Eastern Suburbs for our quality, affordable and highly effective health care. Our team of Bartley Melocco (Acupuncture), Rick Hartley (Osteopathy), Kerrie Baldock (Holistic Counselling, Clinical Reflexology and Reconnective Healing), Shaily Nadav and Ninon Payen ( Remedial/Sports and Pregnancy Massage) and Anna Scammell (Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy) are here to offer you their extensive experience and treatment in a quiet, restful clinic 7 days a week.

Acupuncture - First Consultation

First time consultation with this clinic.
$150.00 per 90 minute(s)

Acupuncture - Online Standard Appointment

Telehealth acupuncture standard appointment
$69.00 per 30 minute(s)

Acupuncture Standard Appointment

Standard face to face acupuncture appointment once you have had an initial appointment.
$110.00 per 60 minute(s)

Massage 30 Mins

30 minute massage session
$45.00 per 30 minute(s)

Massage 45 mins

$67.50 per 45 minute(s)